The Sun And Moon

www.bit.ly/1njr9GF Daniel Lis­sen’s Ludum Dare 29 win­ner is sub­ver­sive in a way that screen­shots just can’t show. Vis­ually, it’s com­fort­ably fa­mil­iar, com­bin­ing a mint­green Luf­trausers cloud­scape with a de­sign short­hand that’s evoca­tive of Me­tanet’s N. Yet this is a plat­form game where mak­ing con­tact with the plat­form’s edge is only the be­gin­ning: hold down Ctrl and you’ll dip be­neath any solid sur­face as if it were wa­ter, buoyed up like a bal­loon and plunged down into the level’s depths by your mo­men­tum. The re­sult is a joy­ously fluid test of spa­tial plan­ning and fine con­trol as you guide the ebul­lient lit­tle blob hero to three tiny pixel moons and then the exit. Ludum Dare 29’s theme was ‘Be­neath the sur­face’, and that fits The­Sun

AndMoon both lit­er­ally and in its collection of clever puz­zles that tran­scend its pre­sen­ta­tion.

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