Ar­cade Font Writer

www.bit.ly/1hJpxtz Richard Davey’s HTML5 port of NFG Games’ Ar­cade Font En­gine is a warm cup of nos­tal­gia pow­ered by a so­phis­ti­cated UI. It’s the sim­plest of ideas – a text edi­tor that out­puts your writ­ing in one of 140 clas­sic game fonts as a PNG – but it casts light on one of gam­ing’s in­vis­i­ble arts. Few think twice about type­face de­sign, but here you’ll see a se­lec­tion of font artistry from the beau­ti­ful (SNK’s Sa­mu­raiShodown3) to the near il­leg­i­ble ( RayForce). You’ll see count­less Cap­com fonts, minute evo­lu­tions be­tween four gen­er­a­tions of the same Gra­dius style, and two en­tirely dif­fer­ent char­ac­ter sets cre­ated for Klax. They amount to man-years of work, and most were never used to write any­thing other than ‘ASS’ on the high score ta­ble, so treat yourself and give them the work­out they de­serve.

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