Su­per Smash Bros Source Al­most too ac­cu­rate in its ex­e­cu­tion, Crazy­halo’s Su­per

SmashBrosSource trailer re­places the reg­u­lar Smash

Bros cast with the stars of Half-Life, TeamFortress2, Left

4Dead, Por­tal and Dota2 in a shot-for-shot re­make of the Nin­tendo GameCube trailer. It’s a spec­tac­u­lar piece of de­sign and edit­ing for a game that will never ex­ist. By the time the Source trailer is left with only the name­less

Counter-Strike crew to re­place the StarFox team, you’ll re­mem­ber why Nin­tendo is the mas­ter of the Smash

Bros tem­plate: be­cause only Nin­tendo has quite so many he­roes that are worth be­ing.

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