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Even be­fore the E3 re­veal, the world had al­ready seen the third Crack­down in mo­tion. At Mi­crosoft’s Build con­fer­ence in April, CVP Steve Guggen­heimer and Mi­crosoft De­vel­oper Plat­form Evan­ge­lism CTO John Shewchuk de­moed a de­struc­tible en­vi­ron­ment in which struc­tures were pro­ce­du­rally de­stroyed, crip­pling a high-end PC in the process, then the same demo again propped up by cloud pro­cess­ing, which main­tained a steady fram­er­ate. The demo, it turns out, was an early tech pro­to­type for a new Crack­down. The teaser at E3 fea­tures sev­eral agents work­ing to top­ple a holed-up gang king­pin. Since he’s be­hind a heav­ing layer of hi-tech se­cu­rity, they use ex­plo­sives cre­atively to turn a nearby sky­scraper into an im­pro­vised mis­sile. It’s a tad heavy-handed, but the prospect of re­duc­ing a city to cloud-pow­ered shrap­nel is in­tox­i­cat­ing.

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