Pub­lisher/de­vel­oper Mi­crosoft Game Stu­dios For­mat Xbox One Re­lease TBA


Bet­ter known for di­rect­ing Panzer Dra­goon, Yukio Fu­tat­sugi also cre­ated cult 2004 Xbox ti­tle Phan­tom

Dust. It mixed on­line third­per­son ac­tion with card­bat­tling el­e­ments, and now Xbox One will host a re­make. Set in a fu­ture where the ap­pear­ance of a mem­ory-sap­ping dust has forced most hu­mans un­der­ground, a se­lect few have gained the abil­ity to chan­nel their thoughts into pure en­ergy. Play­ers can cus­tomise their ar­se­nal by col­lect­ing and as­sign­ing skills like build­ing a card deck, a clunky me­chanic in the orig­i­nal that will be honed here. The 374 avail­able skills are also be­ing re­bal­anced to en­sure that cards such as Psy­cho Sniper and Venom Fang are no longer over­pow­ered. Al­though non­com­mit­tal, Ken Lobb has also been talk­ing up

Killer In­stinct in the con­text of grow­ing Phan­tom Dust, so ex­pect a free-to-play model here too.

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