Pub­lisher Nin­tendo De­vel­oper Plat­inum Games For­mat Wii U Re­lease Septem­ber 20 (JP), Oc­to­ber (EU, NA)


Bay­o­netta 2 isn’t your typ­i­cal Nin­tendo-pub­lished project, and the Ky­oto com­pany’s in­flu­ence on the Um­bran Witch has been equally un­pre­dictable. Per­haps the most pleas­ant sur­prise is bundling the orig­i­nal with the se­quel, which will be given away on a disc in Ja­pan and via eS­hop in the west. It’s a smart move – at­trac­tive to any­one whose 360 or PS3 has been con­signed to the at­tic, and giv­ing se­ries new­com­ers a chance to catch up.

There are additional en­tice­ments to re­tread old ground: three typ­i­cally Bay­o­netta reweav­ings of Nin­tendo cos­tumes. In Link’s garb, Bay­o­netta wields the Mas­ter Sword, col­lects ru­pees in­stead of ha­los, and un­locks doors with a Zelda jin­gle. In Sa­mus Aran’s suit, she wields an arm can­non and, in a charm­ing ad­di­tion, can raise or lower her vi­sor at any time. And while wear­ing Princess Peach’s dress, she col­lects coins and sum­mons Bowser for Wicked Weave at­tacks.

As for the se­quel, it may have been the blood­i­est game at Nin­tendo’s booth, but it was also the pret­ti­est, run­ning at an ef­fort­less 60fps. Tag Cli­max, a twoplayer on­line co-op mode, only in­creases the car­nage, with many char­ac­ter op­tions teased, in­clud­ing Jeanne. While the slip from its sum­mer re­lease is dis­ap­point­ing, Nin­tendo ob­vi­ously con­sid­ers

Bay­o­netta 2 a prize as­set. Oc­to­ber can’t come soon enough.

Bay­o­netta spent the first game fight­ing an­gels, sum­mon­ing demons to kill bosses. She’ll also ven­ture to In­ferno this time to save Jeanne from a sum­mon gone awry

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