Pub­lisher Nin­tendo De­vel­oper Good-Feel For­mat Wii U Re­lease 2015


Yoshi is hardly the only Nin­tendo char­ac­ter to find a for­mula and stick to it, but few of his sta­ble­mates seem quite so tied to the past. A great deal of what

Yoshi’s Woolly World has to set it apart is HD res­o­lu­tion and an art style bor­rowed from Kirby’s

Epic Yarn. The world and ev­ery ob­ject within it are made of wool, and Yoshi now turns eaten en­e­mies into balls of yarn in­stead of eggs. There are sim­i­larly mod­est ad­di­tions to the game­play: Yoshi can use his tongue to tug on loose threads to re­veal se­cret ar­eas, has an un­lim­ited flut­ter jump, co-op play is con­firmed, and new chick pro­jec­tiles can be thrown to cre­ate short-lived cloudy plat­forms. Our solo demo was very con­ser­va­tive, how­ever, and we en­coun­tered some frus­trat­ing de­sign too: at one point, our progress was blocked un­til we’d re­vealed a hid­den mys­tery cloud by jump­ing in front of it.

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