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The Ad­ven­tures Of Cap­tain Toad al­ways felt more like a playable demo dot­ted around Su­per Mario 3D World’s map than a mere sideshow, so Cap­tain

Toad: Trea­sure Tracker’s an­nounce­ment was no shock. The meat of the game will take the same shape as be­fore: spa­tial 3D puzzle are­nas where per­spec­tive is ev­ery­thing, with right stick or gy­ro­con­trolled pans of the cam­era re­veal­ing new paths. Each stage has three hid­den trea­sures to dis­cover, how­ever, and one of the E3 demo’s three playable lev­els was an on-rails minecart ride in which you use the GamePad screen and gy­ro­scope to fling turnips at en­e­mies, POW blocks and trea­sures. In the third, Magma Moun­tain, Toad moves from cover to cover while un­der at­tack from a fire-spit­ting dragon. It’s gen­tly paced, gen­tly tax­ing stuff, but whether its tricks can carry a whole game re­mains to be seen.

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