Pub­lisher Bethesda Soft­works De­vel­oper Bat­tle­Cry Stu­dios

For­mat PC Re­lease TBC

Even Plat­inum Games couldn’t make a mul­ti­player ad­ver­sar­ial melee ac­tion game work, so it’s alarm­ing that Bat­tle­Cry Stu­dios should mimic An­ar­chy Reigns so closely for its first game. Even more sur­pris­ing is that this free-to-play of­fer­ing al­most works. Like Dis­hon­ored and Half-Life 2, it’s set in a world where old his­tory is built atop even older his­tory – a world with­out gun­pow­der, where scores are set­tled on bat­tle­fields in melee com­bat pow­ered by a sin­gle at­tack, a sec­ondary abil­ity and three spe­cial pow­ers per class. The sim­plic­ity of the com­bat sys­tem makes Bat­tle­Cry’s matches more about where you fight than how you fight, but An­ar­chy Reigns’ prob­lem re­mains: ev­ery two-on-one fight is a for­gone con­clu­sion. A good shooter player can eas­ily out­gun two en­e­mies, but when bat­tles are fought with blades, you can only run or die.

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