Pub­lisher Square Enix De­vel­oper Crys­tal Dy­nam­ics

For­mat PC, PS4, Xbox One Re­lease 2015

It might be clunky, but at least the ti­tle of the forth­com­ing se­quel to last year’s Tomb Raider re­boot con­tains a lit­tle more truth: this time around, there will be proper tombs to raid. And, with a new tech­no­log­i­cal base­line in Xbox One and PS4, Crys­tal Dy­nam­ics prom­ises playable ar­eas three times the size of those seen in the pre­vi­ous game, with greater de­tail and more ex­trav­a­gant set-pieces. There will be more trav­el­ling, too, since

Rise will take play­ers on a jour­ney around the world rather than re­strict­ing the ac­tion to a sin­gle is­land, Croft us­ing fur­ther ad­ven­tures in an at­tempt to comes to terms with her or­deal. Hope­fully, she’ll meet a cast of less clichéd char­ac­ters on the way. But along with bears, armed men and large drops, Croft will also have to face down Nathan Drake for the first time, since both games are due in 2015.

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