Pub­lisher 2K De­vel­oper Tur­tle Rock For­mat PC, PS4, Xbox One Re­lease Oc­to­ber 21

Tur­tle Rock’s four-on-one shooter splices Left 4 Dead’s team­play with a ’50s monster movie, ask­ing a pack of hunters to fell a sin­gle mighty beast. Matches are tense af­fairs where preda­tor and prey of­ten trade places, the monster on the run at first, but a ter­ror if it can feed enough to ad­vance to its fi­nal stage. E3 saw Tur­tle Rock re­veal the sec­ond crea­ture of three, the Cthulhu-es­que Kraken, as well as vari­a­tions on the Trap­per, Sup­port, As­sault and Medic classes. The Kraken is a mid-range Ti­tan, able to fly and hurl down light­ning and vor­tices be­fore clos­ing in for the kill with spiky ten­ta­cles. Mag­gie, mean­while, is a Trap­per with a blood­hound, which can sniff out the beast when it goes to ground, and Sup­port ro­bot Bucket has a UAV as well as a sen­try gun. The po­ten­tial for in­ter­play be­tween the full set of 12 hunters bodes well.

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