Game com­men­tary in snack-sized mouth­fuls


Sean Mur­ray talks No Man’s Sky, and Ubisoft teases a Wii U game

“It seems re­ally out­dated, al­most, to get that ques­tion. ’How many lev­els?’ Or, ‘How do quests work?’ Well, we won’t have any quests.”

Ex­plain­ing No Man’s Sky is a new chal­lenge for Sean Mur­ray

“I love Kinect. The $100 doesn’t mat­ter for me. For a lot of people it does, so we’ve got to give you an op­tion. Do you want to dance? No? Then you don’t need the de­vice.”

Mi­crosoft’s Ken Lobb won’t dance around im­por­tant Xbox One is­sues

“People are go­ing through this roller­coaster of emo­tions, and it’s our fault for not re­leas­ing the game yet. We re­ally don’t want to re­lease piece­meal in­for­ma­tion un­til we

can say this is The Last Guardian.” SCE World­wide Stu­dios man

Shuhei Yoshida feels your pain

“We have one game that we wait for the ma­chine to be more mass­mar­ket to launch. It’s on the shelf, wait­ing for more fam­i­lies to have the con­sole.” Ubisoft CEO Yves Guille­mot teases play­ers with that rarest of things – a new third­party game for Wii U

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