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The things that caught our eye dur­ing the pro­duc­tion of E269

When we weren’t do­ing ev­ery­thing else, we were think­ing about stuff like this


GameCube Con­troller Adapter

Thanks to Wii’s back­wards com­pat­i­bil­ity, a vi­brant Smash Bros com­mu­nity and Nin­tendo’s propen­sity for putting out bombproof

hard­ware, the GameCube pad’s use­ful life has reached year 13, mak­ing it pos­si­bly the long­est-lived pe­riph­eral in con­sole his­tory. Its lat­est life ex­ten­sion comes cour­tesy of a mul­ti­tap-like con­trap­tion

which con­nects GameCube pads to Wii U just in time for the new Su­per Smash Bros. Ex­actly how many GameCube con­trollers have sur­vived the wear of two con­sole gen­er­a­tions with enough life left in them to make it through one more is open to ques­tion, but it’s now pos­si­ble for some brand-new Smash Bros play­ers to

bat­ter their friends us­ing a con­troller born be­fore they were.

con­tinue Nin­tendo/YouTube

rev­enue split

Nin­tendo makes games, YouTu­bers make videos, ev­ery­one makes money

Cry free­dom Dread­nought, Bat­tle­Cry and Hunt: a new sta­ble

of qual­ity F2P games

Cloud and clear

City-wide de­struc­tion in Cloud en­gine’s Crack­down

might fi­nally prove the true power of the cloud

quit Pr­eren­dered pro­mos

Much as we ad­mire the crafts­man­ship, please can all E3 2015 demos be ren­dered in re­al­time?

Mario Kart

Mercedes Branded DLC be­comes even more be­wil­der­ing

Gen­er­a­tion Kill Look out, big-league de­vel­op­ment: even EA can only bring two non-sports games to E3


Sony and Mi­crosoft stole each other’s E3 events from last year.

Markus Persson @notch

Cre­ator, Minecraft To dis­miss some of the most crit­i­cally ac­claimed ti­tles on Vita as un­wor­thy be­cause of their in­die sta­tus is just self-de­feat­ing.

Shahid Ka­mal Ah­mad @shahid­ka­mal PlayS­ta­tion busi­ness de­vel­op­ment man­ager In­struc­tive stereo­types: game fans talk mostly about games that aren’t out yet, film buffs talk about films that came out >10–20 years ago.

JP LeBre­ton @vec­tor­poem De­signer, Dou­ble Fine Dear cer­tain in­die devs: Your games look su­per cool. Please make them. But stop your pre­ten­tious “AAA games suck” shtick.

Emil Pagliarulo @Dez­inuh Lead de­signer and writer, Bethesda

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