Titan Souls

PC, PS4, Vita


The best boss fights, says Acid Nerve’s Mark Fos­ter, are the ones where you barely sur­vive. “When you’re on one heart in Zelda, say. Link is flash­ing. Noises are go­ing off in the back­ground. When you know you’re about to die and some­how you just about man­age to [land] that fi­nal hit… That kind of ten­sion, that re­ally fine line be­tween life and death, re­ally pumps you full of adren­a­line. It’s such a good feel­ing when you ac­tu­ally pull off the kill.”

Titan Souls is that mo­ment over and over again. You’re only ever a sin­gle hit away from death, and while you’re equipped with a run but­ton and a brisk roll that al­lows you to dodge the at­tacks of the game’s guardians – of­ten squeak­ing through by mere pix­els – you will die re­peat­edly. Yet your op­po­nents suf­fer from a sim­i­lar con­di­tion: while you’ll have to ex­pose the weak spot on some, and ca­jole others into leav­ing their Achilles’ heels un­pro­tected, a sin­gle well-aimed ar­row is enough to slay them. The game’s power comes from this sin­gle-minded ap­proach. It feels con­fi­dent, fo­cused and, on a mo­mentto-mo­ment ba­sis, stom­ach-knot­tingly tense. Titan Souls be­gan life as a de­make of Shadow Of The Colos­sus, writ­ten in Flash for the 48-hour Ludum Dare jam. Fos­ter had been work­ing on a per­sonal project, an ex­plo­ration-based puz­zle game called Chroma, in his spare time for two years, and needed a break – seek­ing out a chance to en­joy the al­most in­stant grat­i­fi­ca­tion of com­plet­ing a game within three days. With mu­si­cian and sound direc­tor David Fenn on board, the pair wrote down one idea for each of the 20 pos­si­ble themes out­lined ahead of the jam. The fi­nal theme – You Only Get One –


De­volver Dig­i­tal


Acid Nerve For­mat PC, PS4, Vita

Ori­gin Var­i­ous Re­lease Q1 2015

ABOVE CEN­TRE This frozen guardian high­lights the ex­cep­tional au­dio de­sign, cap­tur­ing the weight of a huge chunk of ice as it slides across – and pounds against – the gran­ite sur­faces.

ABOVE As soon as you de­liver the killing blow, the screen greys out, be­fore rum­bling vi­o­lently as the pro­tag­o­nist seem­ingly ab­sorbs the life­force of the de­feated boss, re­flect­ing beams of light and turn­ing the screen a bril­liant white.

LEFT You can climb those tan­gled vines, al­though in the demo there’s no real ad­van­tage to do­ing so

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