Game com­men­tary in snack-sized mouth­fuls


Miyamoto y slams E3, , Bar­tle blasts F2P, and Pitch­ford talks gib­ber­ish

“The ma­jor­ity of what the other de­vel­op­ers ex­hib­ited [at E3] was

bloody shooter

soft­ware... This is a rev­e­la­tion of cre­ative im­ma­tu­rity.” An un­usu­ally out­spo­ken Shigeru Miyamoto has a few choice words to level at gam­ing’s on­go­ing claret fetish

“Most peo­ple in the game in­dus­try are there be­cause they like mak­ing games. They want you to play them be­cause they’re fun, not [for their] cheap psy­cho­log­i­cal tricks.” MMOG pi­o­neer Richard Bar­tle, one of the men be­hind

MUD, pre­dicts the even­tual death of the free-to-play model

“Bat­tle­born is: FPS; hobby-grade co-op cam­paign; gen­re­blended, multi-mode com­pet­i­tive e-sports; meta-growth, choice + epic Bat­tle­born Heroes!” Gear­box boss Randy Pitch­ford tries to avoid call­ing his new game a MOBA. It’s a MOBA

“Un­less you are us­ing a screen that’s more than 60 inches big, I defy you to re­ally see the dif­fer­ence. I per­son­ally strug­gle to see the dif­fer­ence.” Mi­crosoft’s Har­vey Ea­gle on the Xbox One res­o­lu­tion gap. Per­haps he needs a smaller liv­ing room

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