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One Minute To Mid­night is an RTS game in which you must as­sert your so­ciopo­lit­i­cal in­flu­ence over op­pos­ing move­ments by oc­cu­py­ing build­ings. A crush of hu­man­ity en­ters the map from tun­nels around the pe­riph­ery, ready to be turned to a cause. First, you click a struc­ture to oc­cupy it and es­tab­lish your base. A num­ber on top of each build­ing shows how many sup­port­ers are within, and you can drag from one of your struc­tures onto an­other build­ing to send the oc­cu­py­ing fol­low­ers on a hos­tile takeover bid, though you must out­num­ber your op­po­nents to suc­ceed. New el­e­ments are in­tro­duced steadily, in­clud­ing air­ports, which let you leaflet-bomb the en­emy, and broad­cast­ing sta­tions, which have a chance of con­vert­ing in­di­vid­u­als wan­der­ing past.

“I re­ally liked the fast pace re­quired for vic­tory,” Pope says. “It con­nects well to the idea that things can move so quickly to sweep ide­al­ists into power and cor­rupt them. It re­minded me of Gal­con, and I like how the con­cepts tie in with the game­play. In the later lev­els, for ex­am­ple, it can be more dif­fi­cult to start with the high-qual­ity build­ings – it’s bet­ter to build a base of strong ba­sic build­ings, then branch out to the air­ports, satel­lites and sub­ways.”

Jack­son was less con­vinced of the game­play’s rel­e­vance to the protest theme, but couldn’t find any flaws with the game it­self. He praised the “in­ter­est­ing game me­chanic, which would suit an old-fash­ioned war game”, also com­mend­ing “a clear tu­to­rial and level pro­gres­sion”.

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