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With DarkSouls in­flu­enc­ing even the big­gest games, it’s no sur­prise to see it in­form­ing the small­est ones too. So when

CaveOfAt­man opens by telling you that the aura of fallen en­e­mies tough­ens up your band of war­riors, it’s tempt­ing to write it off as yet an­other Souls- alike. Yet there’s more to this dun­geon-crawl­ing puz­zle game than that sparse tu­to­rial text sug­gests. Units have a move­ment range, can only at­tack once per level, and block each other’s paths. Even so, that Souls in­flu­ence is critical. You can only kill the most pow­er­ful en­e­mies by first col­lect­ing the souls left by the weaker ones, and must ar­range your kills to en­sure your party’s fi­nal mem­ber can col­lect ev­ery fallen soul on their way to the boss. In other words, it’s smart stuff, and in the Souls tra­di­tion, quickly gets in­cred­i­bly dif­fi­cult.

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