Car­ni­val spirit


“Fes­ti­val cul­ture is in­her­ently so­cial and Xbox One is in­her­ently so­cial, so your world is con­stantly con­nected to others’ in lots of clear ways,” Ful­ton says. “If you open up the world map, you’ll see ex­actly where your friends are in the world, and you’ll have the op­tion to join them in­stantly with a but­ton press. As you drive around the world, it’ll con­stantly com­pare how you’re do­ing to how your friends are do­ing. And Dri­vatars are a con­stant re­minder of your friends, the liv­er­ies they love and the places they go. When you go into the on­line game, we make that tran­si­tion in­stant… All you do is press a but­ton while you’re driv­ing and we’ll in­stantly match­make you into an on­line ses­sion with the right traf­fic, the right weather, and the right time of day.”

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