Lit­tle big plumber


Though it’s still in early form, Mario Maker is ex­tremely pol­ished. It’s no dry edi­tor, ei­ther: ev­ery­thing you try elic­its a re­sponse, whether it’s shak­ing char­ac­ters to change them into some­thing else or wings fly­ing away if not teth­ered to an en­emy. If you try to place a Koopa in the ground, they’ll dis­ap­pear in a puff of smoke, and if you leave Mario in midair near a plat­form, the game will tem­po­rar­ily ex­tend that sur­face to en­sure he doesn’t fall when you start to play. There’s a sense that Nin­tendo has built a playpen with the soft­est of walls, al­low­ing you to hurl your­self at them with­out reser­va­tion.

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