No Man’s Sky is com­ing to PC, but it will launch as a timed ex­clu­sive for PS4. So has that changed the game in any way? “I ac­tu­ally got in a lit­tle bit of trou­ble for say­ing that we wanted the game to feel re­ally ‘con­sole-y’,” says Mur­ray. “We’ve al­ways had PC in mind, but in my head [con­sole-y] means solid fram­er­ate and im­me­di­ate con­trols. I think a PC game can be ‘con­sole-y’, and it’s [in­tended as] a com­pli­ment, but I get in trou­ble for say­ing that.” But while Hello al­ways planned for its game to come out on con­soles, know­ing its lead plat­form has been use­ful. “Un­like most games, the ac­tual hard­ware re­ally af­fects what we can do,” Mur­ray adds, “in terms of the rich­ness of the worlds and things like that. It isn’t just adding a ve­neer of res­o­lu­tion, or ex­tra an­tialias­ing op­tions. It has a real ef­fect on what we can ac­tu­ally do in the uni­verse.”

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