Edge­craft­craftyt Minecraft has proven fer­tile ground for im­i­ta­tion. Whether it’s the USS En­ter­prise, Game Of Thrones’ Wes­teros or the open­ing mo­ments of BioShock, the game’s bricks have been ma­nip­u­lated into all man­ner of familiar shapes by ded­i­cated cre­ators with time (and of­ten smart soft­ware) on their hands. Still, few have ever man­aged to get quite as close to their in­spi­ra­tions as Michael Trikosko re­cre­ation of the clean dystopia of Mir­ror’s

Edge. It’s so sim­i­lar, in fact, that you might not no­tice it’s run­ning in Minecraft at all on first in­spec­tion. We very much doubt that Steve can match Faith’s agility, how­ever.

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