EDGE - - HYPE - Yusuke Hashimoto Direc­tor, Plat­inum

How does it feel to be bring­ing ma­ture themes to Nin­tendo hard­ware? Do you think Bay­o­netta 2 sits com­fort­ably in Wii U’s lineup?

I think it is great that Wii U own­ers get to en­joy a va­ri­ety of gen­res. I am glad we can help ex­pand the con­sole’s reach, and change the per­cep­tion of what it is ca­pa­ble of.

Apart from the main char­ac­ter, what did you con­sider the most im­por­tant parts of the first game to bring across to this se­quel?

We strived to make sure that both games feel like they take place in the same uni­verse. So while the re­turn­ing cast re­tain their dis­tinc­tive per­son­al­i­ties, we gave them all a new de­sign. Nearly all the en­e­mies are new as well. So, al­though Bay­o­netta 2 is a se­quel, we al­most think you could play it as a stand­alone ti­tle.

Part of the game will see Bay­o­netta in a mech – how does that work in the con­text of her moveset?

The mech pre­serves the clas­sic Bay­o­netta game­play of gun, punch and kick com­bos, but with am­pli­fied power that will send en­e­mies fly­ing. It can also fly, which opened up a lot of other ideas for some re­ally thrilling bat­tles. As for any other ve­hi­cles, I’ll leave that up to your imag­i­na­tion.

It seems like there are fewer ac­tion games be­ing made in Ja­pan nowa­days, at least from a western per­spec­tive, but how do you feel about the Ja­panese devel­op­ment scene in gen­eral right now, and how do you think it will evolve over the next few years?

I can­not speak as the en­tire Ja­panese gam­ing in­dus­try, but I will say that I do not see the de­clin­ing num­ber of ac­tion games as a prob­lem, but as an op­por­tu­nity. Ac­tion games are our spe­cial­ity and pas­sion; I know there are still many peo­ple out there who love ac­tion games as much as we do.

If you had to sum­marise Plat­inum’s style of game devel­op­ment, how would you de­scribe it?

We are con­stantly look­ing to chal­lenge our­selves. It’s hard to speak ob­jec­tively, since I am so close to the project, but I feel the new touch con­trols and on­line co-op with Tag Cli­max in Bay­o­netta 2 are a di­rect re­sult of this ap­proach. We always strive to try new things.

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