It takes more than one skill to be a Be­he­moth staffer

It’s not a co­in­ci­dence that The Be­he­moth team has the skills re­quired to build an en­tire show-floor booth and sev­eral cus­tom cabs from scratch – for the past four years, the stu­dio leads have been de­lib­er­ately con­struct­ing a di­verse team with a range of use­ful skills. “It’s def­i­nitely some­thing that we in­ter­view for,” Baez ex­plains. “If you want to come be a tester or a prod­uct man­ager or some­thing for us, there’s no way you’d get that job un­less you can also do some­thing else that we can use, whether it’s trade shows or it’s some other skill. So it’s just like an RPG – it’s like: ‘What’s your sec­ondary abil­ity?’”

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