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Mu­si­cian Fly­ing Lo­tus on GTAV,

Ti­tan­fall and The Last Of Us

FThe LA-based mu­sic pro­ducer on be­ing ter­ri­fied of PT, how he came to host FlyLo FM, and fi­nally click­ing with The Last Of Us

ly­ing Lo­tus, AKA Steven El­li­son, is the great-nephew of jazz leg­ends John and Alice Coltrane, but his daz­zling elec­tronic mu­sic has carved out a rep­u­ta­tion all his own. He’s also par­tial to some PlaySta­tion time – as­sum­ing his PC isn’t tak­ing prece­dence. What was the first con­sole you got your hands on? I had a NES with the Su­per Mario Bros and Duck Hunt combo. And that ex­isted in a won­der­ful time of child­hood myths. You’d be at school, and some­one would tell you about how the first jump could take you to the top of the pole, and if you made it up there, you could see Princess Toad­stool naked. That was funny. I sort of miss that stuff. After that I had a Gen­e­sis, and can re­mem­ber see­ing Sonic for the first time. That seemed so cut­ting-edge. If you had to choose be­tween Mario and Sonic to­day, which mas­cot would you side with? I’d go with Mario now, but then I’m not sure what he’s up to. I don’t know what Sonic is up to, ei­ther. I think Nin­tendo should stop do­ing con­soles, and be­gin ex­pand­ing those char­ac­ters onto dif­fer­ent sys­tems. I don’t think Wii U is do­ing too well, is it? It’s a bit of a fail­ure for them. PlaySta­tion 4 won out for me. Why not Xbox One? I was a hard­core Xbox per­son un­til the One came out, and I do have one, but I never use it. When I want to play Ti­tan­fall, I do so on my PC – I just got a new gaming PC, and it’s so much bet­ter on that. So my Xbox is just sit­ting there. Are there any games from your past that have in­flu­enced your mu­sic? The mu­sic from Fi­nal Fan­tasy VII, that’s the one. That was so epic. I play some of that sound­track in my set some­times, and just flip it a bit… I’ve sam­pled a bunch of videogames – Silent Hill is one of my favourite se­ries, and I’ve sam­pled that a few times. Have you played PT? Yeah, I played it and beat it. It’s so cool, but it did scare me – I could not play it alone. I called a friend over, and that helped a lot, be­cause hon­estly that shit is fright­en­ing. I passed the pad over a few times: “You do a lap. I’m not do­ing this lap – you deal with that shit.” But you’re into scary games? I saw Alien: Iso­la­tion de­moed for the Ocu­lus Rift, and I’ve or­dered the sec­ond de­vkit. I mean, I’m a gamer – I’ve got to have this stuff. I played a demo of Iso­la­tion and it’s mind-blow­ing. The de­sign of it – all this old-school tech – is amaz­ing. It’s to­tal fan ser­vice. It’s go­ing to ter­rify me, I know it will, but I’m so ready. You fin­ished play­ing through The Last Of Us re­cently, right? I played it when it first came out, but I found it re­ally dif­fi­cult, and gave up. But I saw peo­ple con­stantly talk­ing about it, so I bought the re­mas­ter. I’ve played it all the way through, with the Left Be­hind stuff, and, yeah, I un­der­stand now why it You worked on another big game of 2013, Grand Theft Auto V. How did that come about? Rock­star got in touch with me when I was at South By South­west. One of their guys came into where I was play­ing, and said how we should do some­thing to­gether. They asked if I had a song, or any mu­sic, that I might be able to put into Grand Theft Auto V, and I thought, ‘Yeah, maybe.’ But then they asked: “What would be your ideal sit­u­a­tion here?” I was like, “Shit, I’d like my own ra­dio sta­tion.” Ev­ery­thing came from that. But I almost messed it up. I was su­per faded at a gig in At­lanta be­fore the game came out, got on the mic, and said: “All right, guys, I’m about to drop some new shit that’s gonna be in a game I’m work­ing on. You drive around shoot­ing cops and shit…” And of course they’re like, “GTA!” And you try to say no, but it’s all over Red­dit by then any­way. Rock­star told me that I might not be able to do the game any more. I was in trou­ble over that. It’s amaz­ing, though. I re­ally would play that even if I wasn’t in­volved; I was that blown away by the ex­pe­ri­ence.

“I could not play PT alone. I called a friend over, and that helped a lot, be­cause that shit is fright­en­ing”

won all those awards. It’s bril­liant, man. And the way they ended it? It’s per­fect. Which game would you pick as your favourite of all time? Fi­nal Fan­tasy VII. I want them to re­mas­ter it, so I can play it again. They’ve got to do it, haven’t they?

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