We have all of the op­tions – now all we need is the time


As the year draws to an end, it’s worth look­ing back at some great games 2014 gave to 3DS, Vita, 360, PS3, Xbox One, Wii U, PS4 and PC. On top of those, there were thou­sands of iOS and An­droid ti­tles to pick through. And when you weren’t play­ing, there was of course Edge to read, along with blogs and other web­sites, not to men­tion Twitch streams, YouTube chan­nels, Tum­blrs, Face­book pages and Twit­ter feeds to con­sume. Even the hearti­est ap­petite for game-re­lated morsels is catered for in a world with so much con­tent stuffed through so many pipes, which makes time feel like our most valu­able re­source. We can­not beat the clock, and that’s why it’s been a sur­prise to see even more de­mands on our at­ten­tion ar­rive in re­cent years, as a trickle of game-re­lated book re­leases has turned into a rush. Not so long ago, the ques­tion was: where aren’t there any good books about games? Now it’s: with so many books about games avail­able, which ones should I be read­ing? The an­swers can be found in this is­sue’s fea­tures sec­tion, which rounds up some of the best ex­am­ples out there to­day. Good luck with fit­ting them into your sched­ule.

This year has seen the old-fash­ioned reg­u­la­tions of the clock weigh­ing heav­ily on a num­ber of big game re­leases, strip­ping DriveClub of many of its key fea­tures at launch, in­flict­ing As­sas­sin’s Creed Unity with an In­ter­net’s worth of memes, and push­ing the launch of Bat­man: Arkham Knight into the mid­dle of 2015. Deep into pro­duc­tion, de­vel­oper Rock­steady faced a decision: re­duce the game’s scope, or bar­gain for more time? For­tu­nately, its pub­lisher, Warner, opted against com­pro­mise, and the re­sults, as de­tailed in our cover story, look set to re­ward that faith.

Get­ting back to the topic of read­ing, from this is­sue on­wards Edge is avail­able to also buy on An­droid, giv­ing you the same ex­pe­ri­ence as the tra­di­tional edi­tion, only con­sid­er­ably less pa­pery and in a for­mat that will take up lit­er­ally no room what­so­ever in your bag. Visit bit.ly/edge­sub for more de­tails, or to sam­ple our award-win­ning in­ter­ac­tive iPad edi­tion.

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