While stream­ing a video feed to play­ers is less bur­den­some for a de­vel­oper than di­vid­ing cal­cu­la­tions be­tween a client de­vice and the server, there’s still la­tency to ac­count for. Ac­cord­ing to Ja­cob No­vak, Shinra’s server-side ef­fi­ciency will free up around 40ms to put against any lag that arises from the user’s con­nec­tion qual­ity. “When we take what we’re ren­der­ing, plus en­code, plus de­code and In­ter­net la­tency,” he ex­plains, “we end up with a to­tal loop that’s ac­tu­ally half of a con­sole’s ren­der­ing loop.” This feat not­with­stand­ing, Shinra will only be avail­able via fi­bre­op­tic con­nec­tions, at least to be­gin with.

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