Does a lit­tle less com­pe­ti­tion make for a bet­ter party game?


When we play Vel­vet Sun­down, we note that it re­minds us of SpyParty. “There are sim­i­lar­i­ties in the asym­me­try be­tween the quests,” Ville-Kalle says. “Both play­ers are in the same world in SpyParty – one is try­ing to hide and the other is try­ing to pin­point them. We’re not do­ing the same thing, but in the same way most of our quests will be asym­met­ric. So I might be try­ing to steal your badge, while you’re try­ing to get your fake badge swapped for a real one. Our goals might be sort of aligned, and stuff will hap­pen be­cause of that, but who’s win­ning if you get rid of your fake badge and I end up with the fake one?”

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