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Spec­u­lar In­ter­ac­tive, the stu­dio be­hind H2Over­drive and Bat­man ar­cade rac­ing, has teamed up with dy­namic ride and sim­u­la­tor maker Simu­line to cre­ate ‘4D’ light­gun game Project Hades. The game uses Simu­line’s Valkyrie plat­form, an eight-seat unit that sits on top of the company’s 6-Axis hy­draulic mo­tion base. Rather than use the ‘the­atre’ ar­range­ment, how­ever, Valkyrie in­stead places two rows of four play­ers back-to-back, each group fur­nished with their own 170-inch screen. Along with the mo­tion buf­fet­ing, play­ers are also hit with in­tense wind and strobe ef­fects as well as vir­tual in­tru­sions into their per­sonal space thanks to stereo­scopic 3D. The game, which is the first mo­tion the­atre ride to em­ploy Un­real En­gine 4, arms play­ers with a hap­tic-feed­back gun and drops them into a colour­ful, ex­plo­sive zom­bie apoc­a­lypse. While it can be dif­fi­cult to dis­tin­guish your po­si­tion from other play­ers’ in some large-scale light­gun games,

Project Hades’ brightly coloured ret­i­cles make it eas­ier to keep track of the ac­tion, and cy­cle through de­signs de­pend­ing on which weapon you’re armed with. The game is sched­uled for a 2015 re­lease and, like other mo­tion the­atre light­gun games, takes place across one level, though it’s one densely packed with zom­bies as well as some larger threats, and fea­tures both on-foot and ve­hi­cle sec­tions. The two screens also of­fer dif­fer­ing per­spec­tives on the ac­tion, up­ping the re­play value.

Game Pro­jec­tHades Man­u­fac­turer Simu­line, Spec­u­lar In­ter­ac­tive

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