In ad­di­tion to open-world co-op and asym­met­ri­cal PvP, Far Cry 4 also comes with a flex­i­ble, pow­er­ful map ed­i­tor. Pick one of four mis­sion types (Hunt, As­sault, Ex­trac­tion or Out­post) then drop build­ings, en­e­mies, an­i­mals and scenery into place, tweak­ing the land­scape and fo­liage as you go. AI can be as­signed an­i­ma­tions – bears catch fish, dogs dig holes, sol­diers light cig­a­rettes or re­lieve them­selves against walls – while mod­i­fiers let you re­move fall dam­age, or make the player in­vin­ci­ble. Cre­ations can be shared on­line, though while the prospect of in­fi­nite outposts on tap is a thrilling one, the num­ber of god-mode wildlife-killing sprees we’ve dis­cov­ered so far seems like fur­ther proof that the play­ers are Far Cry’s real psy­chos.

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