Last year’s As­sas­sin’s Creed com­pan­ion app synced to a con­sole run­ning Black Flag and pre­sented its map on­screen. It was a bit of player-fo­cused think­ing that runs en­tirely counter to Unity’s app, which re­tains that fea­ture but also of­fers a game that pulls ev­ery trick in the mo­bile mon­eti­sa­tion book. Th­ese span from Candy Crush- style in­vi­ta­tions to buy ex­tra turns after fail­ing a puz­zle to wait timers and health bars in the No­mad mis­sions, which are based on the Brother­hood sys­tem from Ezio Au­di­tore’s like-ti­tled out­ing. It’s not even free – some fea­tures and up­grades are walled off un­less you’re pre­pared to pony up £1.49 – while the con­stant scan­ning for a con­sole run­ning Unity means it’ll empty your bat­tery as well your wal­let.

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