Clay­ma­tion is back in Pen­cil Test’s ad­ven­ture game, Ar­mikrog


While not a di­rect se­quel to 1996’s The Nev­er­hood, Ar­mikrog’s lin­eage is clear. Made by Cal­i­for­nia-based Pen­cil Test Stu­dios, us­ing the same team of de­sign­ers and an­i­ma­tors – many of whom also worked on Earth­worm Jim – this new ad­ven­ture game uses a lot of the same tech­niques that pow­ered Klay­men’s tale but ben­e­fits from mod­ern tech­nol­ogy.

“The ap­proach and work hasn’t changed at all,” says Pen­cil Test pro­ducer and ex-Ninja The­ory cre­ative di­rec­tor

Luis Gigliotti. “But the soft­ware and cam­eras we use now make things look so much bet­ter. It’s a dream, re­ally, for the guys here to get to make a stop-mo­tion­based game again. It’s some­thing we’ve wanted to do for almost 20 years.”

Kick­s­tarter made it pos­si­ble, and the de­vel­op­ers are work­ing in plenty of ref­er­ences for their fans and back­ers. While the story re­mains a mys­tery, it re­volves around the pair on this page, Tom­my­naut and Beak-Beak, who crash­land on an alien planet, get thrown in the tit­u­lar gaol, and be­come em­broiled in a far larger story. The team is cur­rently mould­ing and shoot­ing with a view to a re­lease in early 2015 on PC and PS4.

Why put so much en­ergy into clay­ma­tion? “We just love the craft­ing that goes into the build­ing of ob­jects with our hands,” says Gigliotti, “and the child­like an­tic­i­pa­tion that comes with know­ing that you get to add the il­lu­sion of life to th­ese ob­jects”

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