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The things that caught our eye dur­ing the pro­duc­tion of E275



Ear Force Stealth 500p

Tur­tle Beach has sig­nif­i­cantly up­dated its PX4 head­phones with its new Stealth 500p, a truly wire­less head­set for PS4. That means there’s no longer any need to con­nect a wire to your DualShock, since chat is now han­dled by the small USB don­gle (a lit­tle larger than the PS Gold equiv­a­lent, but sig­nif­i­cantly smaller than the PX4’s base unit) that plugs into the front of the PS4 and con­nects to the Op­ti­cal port via a short cable. The head­set boasts DTS 7.1 sur­round

sound and fea­tures vo­cal feed­back on set­tings you’ve changed while wear­ing them, as op­posed to the Morse Code-like beeps of pre­vi­ous de­vices. Chat is clear, but game sound can be too bassy at

times, though rarely to the detri­ment of the sound­track. Crys­tal clar­ity can be at­tained by spend­ing more, but for £99, the 500p does

an ex­cel­lent job of im­per­son­at­ing more ex­pen­sive head­phones.


Amii-oh! Even scaled back from the pro­to­types, a few of th­ese are fine col­lectibles

Thim­ble­weed Park

The point-and-click’s found­ing fa­thers re­unite

Get free Ap­ple re­la­bels the App Store down­load but­ton from ‘free’ to ‘get’. A shade less mis­lead­ing


Far Cry 4 FOV moan­ers ex­posed as pi­rates after

Ubisoft’s patch trick


Amiid’oh! Only enough space for one game’s data per fig­ure? Oh, Nin­tendo

Late ar­rival The in­fec­tion spreads: no Blood­borne till March

Too many Chiefs Master Chief Col­lec­tion mul­ti­player woes mean Des­tiny patches don’t seem so bad now, eh?

Trophy hunt En­dan­gered species be­come hol­sters and bags in FC4. The guilt


Ul­ti­mately, Joy Di­vi­sion keeps me alive. Hideo Ko­jima @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN Di­rec­tor,Ko­ji­maPro­duc­tions

The Queen should ban con­sum­able IAPs, throw on­line casi­nos into the Tower and set a base­line cost for paid apps at five proper Bri­tish quid. Jeff Min­ter @lla­ma­soft­_ox Indiede­vel­oper

Never stops be­ing weird, how many games con­flate “hero” with “per­son who kills things to get a re­ward” An­thony Burch @rev­eren­dan­thony

Writer, Gear­box i’ve been play­ing TO­MODACHI LIFE for 7 months & no one has ever even ex­pressed vague in­ter­est in dat­ing my Mii & it’s in­com­pre­hen­si­bly sad Bran­don Boyer @bran­donnn Founder, Venus Pa­trol

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