Mass Ef­fect 4 TBC Early peeks at life after Shep­ard in­clude a scene with the Mako near what looks like the sul­phurous pools on Des­tiny’s Venus, and a tech night­mare straight out of the Cy­ber­dyne readme. It’s all part of the new em­pha­sis on ex­plor­ing strange new worlds, each a step­ping stone on the fresh pro­tag­o­nist’s path to hero­ism.

Xenoblade Chron­i­cles X Wii U Mono­lith’s mix of Mon­ster Hunter, mecha, and RPG com­bat has much to ap­peal to its do­mes­tic mar­ket, but the stu­dio wants to prove it has the chops to sit next to Bethesda. With a lush world, deep Arts sys­tem, and on­line parts too, signs are good for a timesink of Skyrim proportions.

The Di­vi­sion PC, PS4, Xbox One An­nounced when Ubisoft could do no wrong, things are rather dif­fer­ent for The

Di­vi­sion now. We re­main op­ti­mistic about Mas­sive’s RPG-shooter, but in a post

Unity world it’s vi­tal the pub­lisher gives the stu­dio the time to hone its vi­sion.

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