Far Cry 4


Pub­lisher/de­vel­oper Ubisoft (Mon­treal) For­mat 360, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One

Be hon­est: you were ex­pect­ing Far Cry 3.5, right? An ex­pan­sion pack to Ja­son Brody’s ad­ven­tures with a new pro­tag­o­nist and the Pa­cific set­ting swapped for a Hi­malayan one. Sure, Far Cry 4 hits the same beats as its pre­de­ces­sor – con­quer­ing outposts, hunt­ing wildlife and butting heads with lo­cal psy­chopaths – but Ubisoft Mon­treal stitches it all to­gether with a co­her­ence that Far Cry 3 lacked.

What is most re­mark­able about it is that it’s the prod­uct of a company whose typ­i­cal ap­proach to open worlds is to fill them to burst­ing with busy­work. Far Cry 4 doesn’t lack for dis­trac­tions, but they are placed to tan­ta­lise: there’s al­ways some­thing worth do­ing nearby, but it’s never over­whelm­ing. The stu­dio cel­e­brates the player, too, with a var­ied, sat­is­fy­ing weapon-set, plenty of tra­ver­sal op­tions, and mis­sions made to be flex­i­ble. It’s an in­tox­i­cat­ing blend that few were ex­pect­ing to de­liver so much.

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