Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Ze­roes


Pub­lisher Kon­ami De­vel­oper Ko­jima Pro­duc­tions For­mat 360, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One

Hideo Ko­jima is one of gaming’s great ec­centrics, but Ja­pan’s au­teur-in-chief spent 2014 ex­per­i­ment­ing in­stead of self-in­dulging, test­ing the mar­ket in­stead of do­ing his own thing. Silent Hills demo PT was a mar­ket­ing coup, but Ground Ze­roes was his master­piece: both are ex­er­cises in max­imis­ing min­i­mal­ism, and both are de­signed to whet the ap­petite for more fleshed-out games to follow. Yet Silent Hills will surely take vastly dif­fer­ent form to PT. Ground Ze­roes was a showcase not of am­bi­tions, but of sys­tems.

So you can com­plete it in ten min­utes. So what? To do so is to waste an im­mac­u­lately de­signed space of tremen­dous in­tri­cacy that is hugely re­playable and un­com­monly flex­i­ble. Ul­ti­mately Ground Ze­roes is as much of a game as you want it to be, rather than the one its cre­ator in­sists it must be. From Ko­jima, that’s re­mark­able; for us, the wait for MGSV: The Phan­tom Pain has be­come in­tol­er­a­ble.

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