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Did the rel­a­tively low sales fig­ures of Vita hard­ware, es­pe­cially in Europe, make you con­cerned about Ol­li­Olli’s po­ten­tial?

Our sales on Vita have been mas­sive. I think Ol­li­Olli was an ideal game for the plat­form be­cause it was so easy to pick up and play. I also think Vita own­ers liked hav­ing some­thing that they could say started on Vita. It was, it was pur­pose built, and no one else can touch it. Now we’ve done the ports to PS3, PS4 and Steam, I think it shows that if you do well on Vita, you can do well else­where. When we started on Ol­li­Olli, no­body at Roll7 owned a Vita. After a cou­ple of months, we all had one – not just to test our game but to play a bunch of oth­ers. It’s a great piece of hard­ware.

How did the ports come about? Was that some­thing you had in mind and pre­pared for from the be­gin­ning, or did you have to adapt the game later?

It was only ear­marked for Vita and we never con­sid­ered any ports. But we had a meet­ing after we fin­ished the game and John rightly ex­plained that my job now would be get­ting it on ev­ery plat­form we could. We’d man­aged to re­coup on Sony’s in­vest­ment pretty quickly, so they pulled us in for a meet­ing and asked us to port it to PS3 and PS4.

Apart from giv­ing you feed­back from testers, what other support did Sony of­fer?

We got caught up in this push to­wards indies, both on Vita and by Sony as a whole. They did a lot to drive sales, in the US par­tic­u­larly, and gave us a good re­lease date. I think if we’d launched be­fore Jan­uary, around Christ­mas time, we would have got left by the way­side. Sony gave us a lot of support.

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