The meat of Un­charted

2’ s game­play comes in the form of com­bat. Away from the muchdis­cussed cutscenes and lin­ear ac­ro­bat­ics, its gun­play of­fers the most op­tions for in­ter­ac­tion and player choice. While there’s an irony that, as far as a player is con­cerned, Nathan Drake’s only means of ex­pres­sion is through vi­o­lence, what’s note­wor­thy is the character of that vi­o­lence. The com­bat has a swag­ger and roll that suits the rangy, im­pro­vi­sa­tional Drake. Aim­ing es­chews dead­eyed pre­ci­sion and Drake’s retic­ule seems to swing wide and free over his shoul­der, mak­ing for fran­tic Hol­ly­wood fire­fights of dashes be­tween cover and scat­tered gun­fire punc­tu­ated by dev­as­tat­ing ex­plo­sions and show­stop­ping punches. It’s im­pre­cise but charm­ing, and while it isn’t per­fect, it might be the ideal fit for this kind of story.

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