The crests and troughs of em­ploy­ing the Unity en­gine


Stranded Deep is based on the Unity en­gine, though Beam Team points out that hav­ing your core tech as a house­hold name isn’t nec­es­sar­ily a plus. “I think gamers can be quite judg­men­tal when it comes to a Unity ti­tle, when it re­ally all comes down to the de­vel­oper,” sighs Massey.

“Cre­at­ing a game like Stranded Deep has ac­tu­ally meant we needed to cre­ate 99.9 per cent of con­tent and sys­tems our­selves,” says Ed­wards. “It might seem like more work in the long run, but that’s how we like it. We know it’s ours, not a bunch of pack­ages slapped to­gether. And if any­thing goes wrong, we can fix it!”

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