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Armed Re­sis­tance is a third­per­son arena shooter from Univer­sal Space that re­calls the chunky, bul­let-strewn brawl­ing of Sega’s Out­trig­ger. With support for up to 16 linked cab­i­nets, two eight­strong teams com­pete for the most points by the end of each round. Points are scored through kills and by tak­ing con­trol of en­emy base sta­tions, while the match will end early if you de­stroy the op­pos­ing team’s ‘core’.

If there aren’t 16 play­ers or cabs avail­able, the re­main­ing slots are filled by AI. The units them­selves are trans­form­ing robots, which do as good a job as the of­fi­cially li­censed games in evok­ing the spirit of Has­bro’s toy line.

Game­play is fast-paced, with plenty of screen-rum­bling ex­plo­sions, and there are three stages on which to wage war: Har­bour, Desert Storm and Ru­ins. While it looks great, the robots’ turn­ing cir­cles are sur­pris­ingly slug­gish, com­pounded by the lack of a straf­ing ma­noeu­vre. Univer­sal Space has im­ple­mented a gen­tle au­toaim, how­ever, and there’s still time for move­ment to be tweaked be­fore the fi­nal build. But one as­pect that al­ready works well is the robots’ trans­for­ma­tion, trig­ger­ing a sat­is­fy­ingly clunky an­i­ma­tion and a Has­bro-lawyer­bait­ing sound ef­fect. The game is slated to ap­pear in ar­cades soon.

Game ArmedRe­sis­tance Man­u­fac­turer Univer­sal Space

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