The Legend Of Zelda

Pub­lisher/ de­vel­oper Nin­tendo ( EAD) For­mat Wii U Ori­gin Ja­pan Re­lease 2015


Wii U

Eiji Aon­uma’s open-world Hyrule is look­ing im­pos­ingly large, if a lit­tle sparse. Still, its re­cent show­ing was likely Nin­tendo’s way of demon­strat­ing it can build sand­boxes as vast as those of its peers, and we’d ex­pect it to fill up with dis­trac­tions by launch. Epona’s move­ment is semi-au­to­mated (be­cause horses don’t tend to run into trees, says Aon­uma), let­ting Link fire ar­rows eas­ily as he rides, while leap­ing off slows time so he can steady his aim in midair. Rocky out­crops pro­vide good spots from which to tag points of in­ter­est, al­low­ing you to cre­ate your own way­points in­stead of fol­low­ing pre­set mark­ers. Ubisoft, take note.

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