PvP events net you a great deal more ex­pe­ri­ence and cash than the main mis­sions, and thus pro­vide one way to es­cape the tor­tu­ous cam­paign al­to­gether if you choose. Free-for-all races pit you against up to seven oth­ers in de­cent chal­lenges, as­sum­ing the match­mak­ing doesn’t toss in a player with a vastly su­pe­rior car. If you’d pre­fer to work with a team, the game’s map is split into five ter­ri­to­ries, each of which sports its own fac­tion to join. Com­pet­ing in fac­tion mul­ti­player events, ei­ther solo or with a crew, in­creases your driver rep­u­ta­tion level as well as con­tribut­ing to your cho­sen fac­tion’s over­all stand­ing. Each month, mem­bers of the most suc­cess­ful fac­tion get to com­pete in bonus mis­sions.

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