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The theme for Ludum Dare 31, “the en­tire game on one screen,” is fit­ting for browser play. But be­ing re­stricted to a sin­gle screen doesn’t pre­clude scope, as Char­lotte Gore’s bril­liantly sadis­tic Screened proves. A Su­per Meat Boystyle plat­former in which you con­trol a sim­ple white dot, Screened takes place on a sin­gle level made up of a crooked mess of plat­forms. There are two doors marked ‘exit’ at the base of this con­struc­tion; each time you reach one, the level’s colour scheme flips be­tween red and blue and the op­po­site door lights up. Ev­ery suc­cess brings new ob­sta­cles, in­clud­ing force­fields, spin­ning saw blades, and deadly pools of wa­ter. Dy­ing sends you back to the en­trance, and all the while the punk sound­track screeches at you. It’s a pun­ish­ing game, but oddly in­escapable.

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