Ra­men can­cel


The leak may have pushed Cap­com into show­ing match play ear­lier than planned, but this served it well, al­lay­ing a wide­spread con­cern that emerged from the trailer: how will break­able walls af­fect a game in which cor­ner con­trol is so key? In fact, it’s nowhere near as bad as it seemed, since it can only hap­pen at the end of a round. When a bout fin­ishes with Ryu knock­ing Chun-Li through a plate-glass win­dow into a ra­men shop, the next round be­gins with Chun in the restau­rant and Ryu out­side. Later, Ryu smacks his op­po­nent through the back wall into the kitchen; she slumps against the wall, a bowl of ra­men falls onto her head, and it stays there for the rest of the match.

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