Not all games use feed­back loops to their fullest ef­fect. In Des­tiny, for ex­am­ple, you’re no more likely to get item drops from a named, elite en­emy like the Fallen Wizard Xyor ‘The Un­wed’ than you are to get one from a lowly trash mobs like Vex Gob­lins. This means that op­er­ant con­di­tion­ing doesn’t re­ally take hold, be­cause the cue (see­ing an elite en­emy) almost never re­sults in a re­ward (a loot drop) after en­gag­ing in the de­sired be­hav­iour (fight­ing and de­feat­ing it). In­stead, Des­tiny lim­its its use feed­back loops mostly to com­plet­ing mis­sions, when play­ers are re­warded with some kind of ran­dom loot. Once you get to the endgame, ev­ery en­emy – elite or trash – is just a bit of the land­scape you want to by­pass to get to that mis­sion’s boss fight as quickly as pos­si­ble.

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