Big Pic­ture Mode


Nathan Brown puz­zles over the fu­ture of free-to-play’s im­age

Ko­jima has re­stated his ad­mi­ra­tion for Grand Theft Auto V, twice declar­ing him­self ‘de­pressed’ at the qual­ity of the game, and ex­press­ing his con­cern that Metal Gear Solid V might not match it. Still, it ap­pears he’s been tak­ing notes. Given Kon­ami’s in­trigu­ing sug­ges­tion that MGO is go­ing to be “a ded­i­cated mul­ti­player mode that segues into el­e­ments of the main game”, it’s not hard to imag­ine a sim­i­lar setup to GTAV’s on­line com­po­nent. Al­ready it ap­pears to take place within the same open world, and we know char­ac­ters from the se­ries will make an ap­pear­ance. Mean­while, footage of Snake tak­ing a selfie with his arm around Ocelot’s neck is an ob­vi­ous nod to GTA’s sim­i­lar fea­ture. How­ever, we won­der whether even the likes of Ko­jima can find a way to make mi­cro­trans­ac­tions easy to swal­low.

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