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“It’s what­ever you want it to be,” says Orth of the one in the game’s name ( Adrift is stylised as Adr1ft), sidestep­ping the ob­vi­ous read­ing that it’s ref­er­enc­ing the solo pro­tag­o­nist. “I get a bit of crap about it, too. It’s weird when peo­ple tell you you’re wrong about the thing you’re cre­at­ing and the mean­ing that it [has] for you.” The story be­hind his stu­dio’s name isn’t as cryp­tic. “Three one zero is the area code for Santa Mon­ica, which is our home base. The rea­son it’s called Three One Zero is be­cause ev­ery­thing ever in my life that’s hap­pened that’s been good to me has hap­pened in Santa Mon­ica, Cal­i­for­nia. And after all the Mi­crosoft stuff and liv­ing in Seat­tle, I had to go back to my moral soul­base to make this game.”

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