Alone in the dark


Craft­ing de­ci­sions for the player by riff­ing on teen-slasher movies can’t be easy, since part of the ap­peal for a know­ing au­di­ence is in scream­ing “Don’t go down there!” at the screen. If the player’s in con­trol, why would they ever will­ingly split up from oth­ers? “We make it mean­ing­ful by branch­ing,” says Su­per­mas­sive de­sign di­rec­tor Tom Heaton, “by giv­ing you all that va­ri­ety of ex­pe­ri­ence. We try and bal­ance it so those choices are dif­fi­cult. We’ve got great big moral choices in there. Should you split up or stick to­gether? Ev­ery­one will stick to­gether! They know not to split up! So we have to bias it a bit in favour of split­ting up.”

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