Block party


There’s an ini­tially over­whelm­ing ar­ray of block types in Block N Load. In or­der of in­creas­ing dura­bil­ity, crates, bricks and sand­bags are your pri­mary build­ing ma­te­ri­als. Res­pawn pads and ninja nests cut out the trudge if you man­age to drop them be­hind en­emy lines, while cal­trops, fire traps and mi­asma mines func­tion best as area de­nial. Tiki heads, tur­rets and mor­tars deal dam­age in your stead, and force­fields al­low friendly play­ers to pass through while hold­ing back en­e­mies. Fake blocks are the most ver­sa­tile type, though. One tac­tic is to dig a large pit, fill it with bear traps, then lay fakes over the top to crum­ble away on con­tact. Blocks have a cost, how­ever; to gen­er­ate re­sources, you can ei­ther mine blocks from the ground, or grab the sup­ply drops.

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