Skyrim’s mod­ding com­mu­nity is highly ded­i­cated, with an ever-grow­ing host of ad­dons to ex­pand and re­fine the game still fur­ther. Th­ese range from sim­ple tweaks – such as Even Bet­ter Quest De­scrip­tions, a mod that re­moves the need for quest mark­ers by adding more de­tail to your jour­nal – to new in-game ar­eas, such as the home of the Jka­jiit in mod Moon­path To El­sweyr. Bethesda has been sup­port­ive of the move­ment, re­leas­ing the Cre­ation Kit seen in The Elder Scrolls IV: Obliv­ion for mod­ders, whose work is also fea­tured on Steam through its Work­shop. The wealth of mods means PC gamers can cus­tomise their game to fur­ther their playstyle too. Role­play­ing an archer? Down­load Ar­rows And Bolt Tweaks, which makes the way ranged weapons han­dle much more re­al­is­tic.

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