Elec­tric sheep


Ready At Dawn has re­sisted at­tempts to de­scribe its game as steam­punk, be­liev­ing the term car­ries a com­i­cal con­no­ta­tion in­ap­pro­pri­ate to The Or­der’s story, but there’s no bet­ter word to de­scribe the toys at Gala­had’s dis­posal. He can scope out dis­tant ar­eas us­ing the chunky, thick­lensed Monoc­u­lar, and chat with re­mote col­leagues us­ing The Com­mu­ni­ca­tor, a speaker with a vis­i­ble at­tached power cell that sits on his right shoul­der blade. The Ham­mer is a bulky lock­pick­ing de­vice that re­quires you to ro­tate the right stick un­til the con­troller’s vi­bra­tion deep­ens to sig­nify each pin’s sweet spot. Else­where you’ll over­load cir­cuit boxes us­ing the TS-27 In­verter/Rec­ti­fier. They’re the­mat­i­cally ap­pro­pri­ate spins on other peo­ple’s well­worn ideas, in other words – fit­ting neatly in the con­text of the demo as a whole.

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